Rockabilly Rocks Wholesale

With our roastery right in the middle of Historic Downtown Kennewick, we're central to the whole Tri-Cities region. We roast locally to serve locally, and can even work out a shipping arrangement if you're out of the area. Interested wholesale clients can email or call our Head Roaster - Travis Jordan - to schedule an appointment to try out our single origin coffees and blends.

Give Travis a call at (509) 433 - 1489

Wholesale unroasted beans

Are you a home-roaster or small batch roaster in the Tri-Cities?

Come by our roastery in Historic Downtown Kennewick, and we can chat about our single origin beans. We love to share our roasting knowledge, and help micro-roasters get started on their own creations.

CLoud 9 Espresso Blend

Cloud 9 espresso blend is comprised of beans from three of the largest coffee producing regions around the world. Each origin is roasted separately to a well-developed “full city,” then blended to perfection. The berry top notes are accompanied by a sweet orange-citrus acidity, followed by smooth dark-chocolate with hints of brown sugar and a crisp clean finish. This blend also makes a brilliant cup of drip coffee. 

Chop Top labels.png

Chop-Top Blend

Chop-Top Blend is comprised of coffee from both Central America and East Africa. Together, they offer raisin like rummy fruit notes, a silky body with very subtle acidity and a clean finish.

signature decaf

Fair-Trade, organic and 100% chemical free. It is comprised of coffees from Indonesia, Central and South America. The combination creates a very clean, sweet, and balanced decaf that works well with a drip coffee and an espresso! 

Guatemala Tikal

Utilizing coffees from different Guatemalan growing regions gives this coffee unique characteristic of Dark Chocolate, Bright red apple, honey-sweet finish and exceliant consistency cup-to-cup.

ethiopian yirgacheffe

Ethiopian Yirgacheffe “From the birthplace of coffee.” This high Grown, wet processed Ethiopian coffee offers a satisfying bright beginning, followed by a sweet lemon citrus acidity, and a clean dry finish with hints of berry and floral notes.